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Installation Process

Step 1: System Design & Loop Size

“The desired results for a high quality geothermal system is to utilize 99.9% geothermal energy, 365 days a year. As a qualified geothermal company, we expertly design your geothermal unit with these results in the forefront of our mind.” First, we design the geothermal system and size the loop for your unique home. The size of your home will dictate the size of the equipment, and the age and construction of your home will dictate the quantity of loop. Soil type and climate conditions also affect the loop field size. Dense soils such as rock and clay hold and transfer more heat. Sandy soils absorb less heat. As a general rule of thumb, the drier the ground the larger the loop field required. Sizing a geothermal heat pump is an intricate process done by our qualified installers. Concentrating only on the inside equipment is a mistake commonly made by many contractors. We start by analyzing the heating and cooling demands of your home. From there we will be able to calculate the right size geothermal heat pump. Systems are generally sized in tons. An average home might be 3 tons, a larger home might be 6 tons. Never choose on cost alone. An undersized system will strain to reach your desired heating and cooling needs because the heat pump will try to make up for its size by using more electricity, resulting in higher utility bills. An oversized system also comes with problems; it can produce too much airflow resulting in short run times. This means the system cycles on and off frequently, reducing efficiency and increasing utility bills. An oversized system also decreases the comfort level in the home. Short run times during the summer will cool the room but fail to remove humidity, leaving your home clammy and sticky. Oversized equipment can also overshoot the thermostat setting causing a home to overheat in the winter and become an icebox in the summer.

Step 2: Outdoor Portion: Drilling & Loop Field Installation

Our drilling and loop installation can be done on new construction or existing homes. Loop fields can be installed vertically or horizontally. What’s the difference? It’s only in the way the pipe is inserted in the ground, no orientation is “better” then another as they all work effectively. Your ground loop orientation will depend on available space, ground conditions and surrounding environment.

Vertical Loop Field

A vertical loop field is the most common installation process for a geothermal heat pump that is installed on smaller properties. During a vertical loop field installation a series of holes are drilled, each between 50-400 feet deep. Then, piping is fed down these holes and connected in a loop pattern. Once all of the pipes are connected together outside of the home they are threaded into your home and attached to the heat pump unit.

Horizontal Loop Field

A horizontal loop field installation usually occurs in more rural areas or yards with lots of space. A horizontal loop field installation requires a great deal of land in order to lay the necessary amount of piping in trenches a few feet deep below the frost line. Horizontal systems can be installed using an excavator or other ground moving machine.     Closed Loop Vs. Open Loop:  ALL OF GEOTHERMAL PROFESSIONALS SYSTEMS ARE CLOSED LOOP. This means that the same water & environmentally friendly antifreeze mixture is continually circulated throughout the loop field; it never escapes. Closed loop is the only type of loop field allowed by some states because it is environmentally friendly. An open loop field, sometimes called “pump & dump”, requires an ample source of groundwater. A well is drilled to the water source, it is pumped up the pipes to the heat pump where heat is extracted or injected and then sent down a return well where it re-enters the water source. Open loops are more uncommon because they require an significant water source below the surface. Low Impact Drilling Method: Our neat, clean, low impact drilling method is patent pending. If you have a small lot, extensive plantings, mature trees, new driveway, above ground & underground obstructions, irrigation and landscape lighting. . . DON’T WORRY! Our unique patent pending drilling method greatly reduces the impact on your property, construction time and unsightly excavations. Our drilling method provides superior thermal-conductivity over any other installation method without the damage to your trees and property. The loop field will last a lifetime, has no moving parts and requires no maintenance. At Geothermal Professionals we are fully equipped and able to handle any drilling job necessary.

Step 3: Indoor Portion: Equipment Installation & Calibration

The geothermal heat pump resides inside the home and is about the size of a small refrigerator. It’s extremely quiet and can barely be heard running. The geothermal heat pump installation usually takes a day of work. If we are replacing an existing system, the old furnace and air conditioner will be removed, the new unit will be put in place and attached to the existing duct work. Some duct work modification may be needed which will add to the time it takes. For new construction, we will install the system in the appropriate location and connect it to duct work. Once the unit is in place and the loop field is finished the two are joined, filled, and thoroughly tested. All systems are put together with precision and rigorously tested and calibrated before the job is finalized. The installation of your geothermal system is provided by a team of year round/permanently employed experts. All new installations are under the direction of Ron Prijatel, Manager & Installation Supervisor. Ron is a licensed installer with comprehensive training and over 10 years of experience installing and servicing geothermal systems. ClimateMasters Brand Equipment: We specialize in installing high quality ClimateMasters equipment. All installations are done by licensed installers with extensive experience in geothermal systems. ClimateMaster is the world’s largest manufacturer of residential ENERGY STAR® qualified geothermal heat pump heating and cooling systems. Our entire product line is designed to improve your quality of life by providing exceptional comfort, lower utility bills, and creating superior indoor air quality, all while minimizing the impact on the environment.

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